In the digital age we live in customers get a chance to give their input on social media, and websites like yelp. Yelp helps new customers find qualified people and businesses to shop at.  Each and every client is important to me and I strive hard to give exellent service to match that haircut that makes people ask you, "Who cuts your hair"?.  


 Kevin H.

5.0 star rating

5.0 star rating

I have been going to Lu for 4 years now. Every single time I go and get a haircut I look forward to seeing him. I know the entire experience is going to be excellent from when i walk in to when I leave. Lu is not your typical barber, this man is an expert at his craft. Lu has been cutting hair for the better part of 30 years and knows how to cut anyone. Before Lu I would go to barbers and I was never satisfied with the end result. The barber would be on the phone the entire time and not say the better of two words to me. 

With Lu he knows who you are, remembers things you talked about the last time you were here. He is more of a friend then just a barber. I do not feel like just another customer or number when I step into his studio. We laugh, joke around, and have a good time while he is cutting my hair. 

I have never had a cleaner and more fresh cut then when I go to Lu. Every time he is on point and I have never left disappointed in the least bit. 

Now with the new studio at on Yolanda, LuVisions Barber Suite, it has taken the experience to a whole new level. When I show up for my appointment its just Lu and I. There are no unwanted people jumping into a conversation. It a more personal one on one session and this allows you to be 100% relaxed when your in the chair. 

One of my favorite features Lu has at his studio is the online appointment system. This makes it so easy to book an appointment and prevent you from just sitting in a barber shop for hours waiting to get cut.

All of this just shows you how much Lu cares about his clients and loves his craft. If you need a phenomenal cut and a great experience while receiving that cut, then there is no other place you need to go to. No more mediocre barber shops with alright barbers and waiting an hour and a half to get your cut. Stop looking for a spot because this is where you need to be. 

I will continue to get my hair cut from Lu until this man is out of the game. LuVisions Luxury Barber Suite, best spot in Southern California people.
Lance B.
5.0 star rating

I have struggled to find a good barber in the San Fernando Valley for five years and have tried many different barbershops. Once I found Lu, I never looked back. He is the absolute best. 

In most shops I feel like just a number, but I never get that feeling at LuVisions Luxury Barber Suite. The shop is intimate, quiet, and well-kept. Lu always makes me feel like a client and asks me how my life is without being too chatty. It is obvious how much he cares for his clients and wants us to always leave his shop happy. Not only with the cut, but with the overall experience as well. 

Lu also receives 5 stars for his online appointment system. I work 40-60 hours a week and study full-time. I don't have time to sit in a shop and wait in line. Lu's online appointment system lets me log in, choose the time most convenient for me, and gives a plethora of haircut options to choose from. The best part? I am in and out of the shop in 30-40 mins flat and he always remembers what I want! He knows the direction my hair grows and how my skin reacts to certain products. The quality of my haircuts is consistent and I am never disappointed.

I highly suggest making your next appointment with Lu! He is more than a barber. He is an artist!

 Royal Flyness ..


5.0 star rating

Your search for an excellent barber can stop here!!! Lu The Barber will exceed your expectations. He is professional, courteous and his work is absolutely the best! I've been bringing my brother in for a little over a year and each visit is better than the last.  If you're looking for a barber in the San Fernando Valley,  treat yourself to the world's finest and make an appointment with Lu The Barber. He'll make a lifetime customer out of you...I guarantee it!

5.0 star rating
First to Review

LuVisions Luxury Barber Suite has a professional atmosphere for my 11 year old son. I don't feel uncomfortable, nor do I sit and wait for my son in the car anymore. Mr. Lu barbering skills and wide variety of styles are awesome.   For the first time, my son can just asked for the cut and design of his dreams, for that week, Lu pulls through every time. Once we were not able to his appointment and went to Super Cuts, I watch as my son put his hands together to pray before his cut. Then the lady messed the cut up so bad, we had to pick up the phone and beg Mr. Lu to talk the woman through the cut. Yes, seriously, now I appreciate having a great barber, who happens to be an educator.  Thank You, Mr. Lu!!!

Dom C.

  • Los Angeles, CA

5.0 star rating

5.0 star rating
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Lu is consistent, reliable and professional every time. I have curly/straight hair and he is one of the only barbers that has ever got it right !
The industry needs more Instructors / barbers like Lu.

 Adrian S.


5.0 star rating
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Love Lu! I have been coming to him for about a year now in Los Angeles. If you are looking for an experienced barber who will give you a great service this is the way to go! Music playing while at a personalized barber shop. He also has an appointment system you can find on his website! Check him out! A+ Barber.

 Mike S.


5.0 star rating

If you're looking for a great barber you need to go to Lu. I moved to LA 8 months ago and for a while struggled to find a decent barber. I gave Lu a try a couple months in and haven't gone anywhere else since.